• Light gauge steel keel equipment
    With the American KEMARK company, the advanced light gauge steel frame design system and the non - pole exchange technology are integrated, and the perfect light steel design and production system is created.
    Feature: 1. CZ interchanging safety lock 2. 2015 cutter blade protection device 3. Dualfunction roller for straighten and leveling 4. Processing by CNC gantry milling machine 5. Profile angle regularization component 6. Quick positioning & guiding 7. High precision size changing system(CNC linear guider, Frame with welding and gantry milling machine, install turbine interchanging equipment to assure accuracy of size changing)
  • Specific Absorbed Professional
    For many years,the company has focused on the research and develop of new tehnologies of CZ purlin equipment.As a result,it has initiated the application of fast cutting system and coaxial C/Z interchanging system and promoted a trend of upgrading of the whole CZ processing area.
Dahezhongbang(XiaMen)Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd, located in the beautiful coastal city-XIAMEN,is a high-tech enterprise and won several technology patents.We are the ownership of cutting system(size adjustable,don't need to replace cutting mold),purlin size fast changing system(choose any size in range),coaxial C/Z interchanging system(CZ combined one machine) and many new type machines cradle
All your idea of CZ realizes here
  • LG-300

    The integration of light gauge steel keel design system with the technology of high precision size changing system

  • LG-10


  • FX-300

    Stable CZ Changeable Gearbox Driven Roll Forming Machine

  • FC-300

    C Shape Purlin Roll Form Machine

  • LN-300

    Dualfunction roller for straighten and leveling

  • MC-250

    Competitive Price C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

  • LS-300

    CNC Gantry milling machine

  • SX-300

    Cold Forming Steel Machine With C to Z Changover System

  • NX-300前剪
    NX-300 Pre Cutting

    C To Z Interchangable Purlin Rollforming Machine

  • NC-300

    Hydraulic C Purlin Cold Roll Forming Machine